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Scams To Avoid


by Jay Lindsay
Copyright 2012, National Business Reports, all rights reserved

When you spot an ad with a headline such as "stuff envelopes at home and make big money" it may not totally be a scam but it may be a misunderstanding on your part. Most people who read an "envelope stuffing" headline mistakenly assume that the company is going to send them some envelopes, stamps, mailing lists and printed advertising material to stuff into an envelope, seal, label and mail. For this effort one would expect a certain hourly wage or a guaranteed amount of money.  In reality, there are machines that can do the job of envelope stuffing for a company at a much lower cost than paying home workers to perform this task.

What this "envelope stuffing" offer REALLY IS is a "business opportunity" whereas you, the home worker, stuff material into an envelope, seal it, put a stamp on it that you buy and mail off the envelope. Where you make your money is when someone buys the products or services being advertised on the materials you stuffed into the envelope. You then receive a commission or a percentage of each item or service sold.

Most people — possibly like yourself — believe that the words "work" and "job" mean the same thing.  It should be understood that a "job" is doing a specific task for a guaranteed amount of pay. On the other hand, "work" means a physical or mental activity undertaken to achieve a purpose — in this case to earn money. Going just a bit further one should understand that these "stuffing envelopes" type offers are "business opportunities."  These would be defined as a chance or possibilty that one can make money working at a certain endeavor — there are no guarantees.

It should be duly noted that there are certain offers about that fall under the classification of "business opportunities" that can be quite profitable. The key is to be knowledgeable enough to determine in advance the possible income that can be produced, what costs you must bear, the amount of effort required and what income, if any, you can enjoy.

Yes, stuffing envelopes with sales materials and mailing them to the right list of prospects can be profitable if the products or services offered will be purchased by enough people. Simply understand that not every offer of "envelope stuffing" will produce enough response to make your efforts worthwhile. Stuffing materials into envelopes is not hard work, but determining which offers are worthwhile will take some examination.

Additional data: An excellent business that is perfect for home operation is the "Selling Information" business. That's the business we've been in for more than 30 years.  Information is easy to sell and it's an easy and low cost business to begin. Click here to watch a brief video that will explain more.

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