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Work From Home Businesses
For Mothers

By Naz Daud
© 2015, Naz Daud

One of the major problems that new mothers come across is whether to continue to work or stay at home to look after their children. Often, their first instinct is to look after the child, or children, and their overwhelming desire is to play a significant part in their upbringing, especially prior to school age.

However, economic factors frequently do not allow this, especially now with the speed at which prices are rising.

For many couples, it is therefore rarely possible for the female to stop work altogether to tend to her children. This is not the mother’s fault, much of it being due to the rising cost of living and the expectations of people regarding material wealth to maintain a "decent" lifestyle.

Work from home businesses for mothers are assuming increasing popularity and therefore importance in the world of franchising. Not all are online, but some are because the internet provides a mother with the opportunity to look after her children whilst also earning an income working flexible hours.

The internet has made it a lot easier for those mothers that that cannot face leaving their young ones in the hands of a baby sitter, day care center or in a nursery as it gives them the ability to research and communicate world wide with a click of the mouse.

That is why companies offering various kinds of work from home opportunities have put their focus on mothers. In fact, there is already a term coined to refer to these mothers. Some people call them the “mom-preneurs” while some just call it the “WAHM” which stands for work-at-home-moms. You have probably seen a lot of advertisements by numerous businesses, attracting mothers to try working from home.

One example of a work from home opportunity that many mothers consider is to become an independent contractor or loan officer of mortgage and financing firms.

A lot of companies are now also offering work from home jobs where you can do a lot of the work and research at home. Busy moms need only to report to the office once in a while. This way, mothers can work while their children are busy playing or studying and can resume once their kids are sleep.

Another increasing work from home opportunity is becoming an independent agent for a call center company. Mothers can earn a living with just a computer, phone, and internet.

Instead of hiring workers from all over the world, employers are now looking for people who can be independent agents operating from their homes. This saves the company money, and provides employment to mothers that have sacrificed their jobs for their children.

If you are a good artist, there are home illustrator jobs, and also web design franchises available for mothers that can turn their hands to that. For the less talented you can make money doing online surveys and by answering emails and clicking on advertisements.

Raising children is a tough job and a full time occupation in itself. I do not know how these women cope running a home business or being in paid employment at the same time!

About The Author: Naz Daud is involved with CityLocal Business & Franchise in the United Kingdom. For more information visit:

National Business Reports • PO Box 99 • Spring Branch, TX  78070

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