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Put Your Hand On A Hot Stove
And You Will Get Burned

by Jay Lindsay
Copyright 2013, National Business Reports, all rights reserved

A loving mother cautions her young child not to touch the stove because it is hot and they'll get burned. Mom turns her back for a moment and hears the screams as the youngster does exactly what mom suggested they not do.

It appears to me that this little quirk in human nature always carries on through our teenage years and regretably sometimes into adulthood. I sometimes find it difficult to understand why so many people insist on learning things the hard way and getting burnt. Yet, I see it happen most every day.

I learned a long time ago as a young man that it was much easier and profitable to copy the successful business techinques used by older, wiser individuals than it was to stumble along trying to learn everything from scratch. Sure it's okay to make a few mistakes as you learn your chosen profession. But why would one want to make ALL the mistakes?

Your path to success will be much easier if you will open your mind to suggestion and seek advice from those who have been down the trail before you. Find a mentor, a more experienced and trusted friend, who can advise you of the pitfalls to avoid and the techniques that work most efficiently. Be eager to accept the pre-tested knowledge that this person is willing to share with you. Use caution in chosing your mentor as you want one with many good qualities such as integrity and dependability. If you want to become a leader yourself, choose a mentor who has good leadership skills and then you be a very good follower.

If you're unable to find a mentor, try reading a lot of books. There is a large array of valuable information that can be found in books written by knowledgeable individuals. Let your mind act as a sponge soaking in new and tested ideas. I can assure you that you will find  these suggested methods of obtaining knowledge much more pleasureable than touching your hand to a hot stove.

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